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September 23, 2013 by carpetu2

Attention to detail

When selecting a Persian carpet online you need to be absolutely sure about its authenticity and its condition. Despite the fact that it is very difficult to achieve this kind of control online, we take pride to the fact that our website is one of the most detailed in the market and empowers you with the ability to inspect any carpet that you wish to purchase very closely, achieving this way a higher level of assurance in your selection.

We will take you through the selection and inspection process step by step in order to fully comprehend the level of detail that can go into your choice. We went through the details of the board during our previous guide (Guide to our website) therefore we will continue from there. After we place our details in the right tabs we will get a selection of carpets in our screen. You can follow these simple steps in order to organise your search and get to your ideal carpet.

Step 1: Widen your search.

guide 1

You have the ability to broaden your views in the website with the Carpet/ Page button (As seen in the image above highlighted with the red box). Once you press the button a drop down list will appear that gives you the choice to post up to 63 carpets per page.

Step 2: Select the Carpet.

guide 2

Once you press the image of the carpet that you prefer the website will redirect you to this next page as seen above in the image. This is the initial screen that the carpet will appear. You can clearly see the details of the carpet from dimensions to its price. Keep in mind that in case that we have a special offer on the carpet of your preference it will be displayed in this page bellow the price tag.

Pay extra attention on the knot density as it is very important in order to determine the quality of the carpet. A carpet with a high knot count will typically possess greater intricacy and clarity in its design that ultimately translates in cleaner and more vibrant colors.

Step 3: Inspecting the carpet

guide 4

There are many pictures that you can look at in oder to ensure the authenticity of the carpet that you choose as seen in the above image. Pay attention to the description of the carpet next to the photos where you can go through some information about the carpet and where it originates from which will give you a better understanding of its value.

You may click on any of the photos and a pop up window will appear (feature 1 bellow) to show you a larger scale image that you can zoom in (extremely close as seen in the feature 2 bellow) and inspect in great detail the details of the carpet.

guide 5

guide 6

There are also many other important photos that you can inspect like the knot count visual aid where you can clearly see the knots per square cm (shown in the image bellow). It is crucial to know the knot density of your carpet and be sure that it is accurate for your selection.

guide 8

Step 4: Similar carpets to your selection

Finally another important feature that you need to look at is our automated system that provides you with alternatives similar to your choice. It can be very time efficient to look through these alternatives as they are mostly based on the colour schemes and size of your original selection.

guide 7

These are the basic features of the selection and inspection of the carpet online. You can look through our website for yourself and get to use all these features and make sure that you can get the maximum of the information that we are providing. The more you know about the carpet the closer you get to an accurate selection.


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