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The Online shop of handmade carpets CarpetU2 is the new creation of the Taba Tabaee company, whose headquarters are in Kermanshah, Iran and its branch in Thessaloniki, Greece. It has been dealing with the wholesale and retail trade of handmade Persian carpets since 1990. The enormous variety of carpets in our collection, their quality and authenticity are something new in the European Online market. The uncomparable price-performance ratio (value for money) that we can offer you, because of the direct import from Iran (Persia) without any middlemen, has led to a constantly increasing interest of our clients not only in Europe but all over the world.

For this reason we have founded our new Online-shop CarpetU2. With the guarantee of the Taba Tabaee company and the stable quality of our products and services, we now offer you the opportunity to purchase handmade carpets from all over the world. Our carpets are all accompanied by a ceritficate of authenticity signed by Mr. Yazdan Taba Tabaee, former appraiser of carpets at the Museum of Art in Teheran.

One of the most important rules of our Philosophy is perfection. Therefore our Online shop guarantees you a fast, easy and above all a purchase without any risk. In order to gain your trust we show you our carpets in a wide range of photos which are taken by professional photographers, thus we can provide you an image of how your carpets will look like once they arrive at your home.

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