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September 17, 2013 by carpetu2

Guide to online purchasing

The easiest and most efficient way to find merchandise nowadays is to do it online. Specifically for authentic Persian Carpets it is extremely convenient to browse through tons of different designs and patterns online and in the comfort of your home. It will save you time, money and definitely effort.

Browsing through a huge collection can be difficult for certain people who are not very familiar with the processes of online shopping. For that reason we developed a step by step guide help you through this procedure. There are several steps that you need to take in order to successfully complete your search and find your ideal Persian Carpet.

Step 1: Familiarity with the interface

Oriental Rugs   Online Shop of Persian Rugs   CarpetU2

The first step that you need to take is that you need to acquaint yourself with the interface of the website. The choices that you have (or filters as we call it online) that are available to you in order to separate the ideal specifications for your carpet.

Step 2: Main Category

First on the board as you can see from the image above is the Main category tab. This tab contains the available categories of merchandise in our online shop. Once you press the tab a drop down menu will appear and you will see your choices online like carpet, kilims, antiques and many other which depending on your preference will filter your selection.

Step 3: Type

This is a more specific category that is more useful to people that are experienced to Persian carpet types and families. From Isfahan carpets which are more expensive and intricate to kilims that are cheaper and simpler in their design. If you have experience in carpet types this tab is very convenient for you and will separate specific types from your overall selection.

Step 4: Sort

This tab is used to sort your selection depending on your preference. Once you click the tab a drop down menu will appear and will give you the option to sort the carpets either from newest to cheapest or even largest and more expensive. It is just another tab to keep you more focused and help you further organise your selection.

Step 5: Length and width


This tab is fairly easy to understand and operate. Depending on your space you need to measure the area that you have available in your house for the carpet and place the values in this box. You can also change the measuring units from cm to ft as you can clearly see in the picture above.

Step 6: Price range


This is also a very straight forward tab and a rather important one as it contains one of the most significant factor when purchasing a Persian carpet, the price. In this tab there is also a menu that allows you to use your preferred currency in your search. We have uploaded a number of currencies for your convenience and it should help you significantly while looking through our large inventory.

Step 7: Colour

1115 1117

This tab contains the colour schemes for the carpets and they vary depending on our inventory. It should help you in case you need to match it with certain textiles or furniture in your house. You have the ability here to choose the colours from 2 tabs. One is a drop down menu inside the board and the other one is a more visual menu in the bottom of the page.

Step 8: Size/Shape

In this tab it is fairly simple to choose the shape and size of the carpet and it can be very useful to separate circular carpets or runways.

Step 9: Origin

Again this is a more specialized search tab that mostly refers to Persian carpet origins. You can use this tab if you have done some research and you have a special preference.

Step 10: Pattern

This tab refers to the patterns of the carpet whether it is according to floral patterns or illustrations in general. You can use this tab as a drop down menu depending on your taste.

Step 11: Quality

Finally the last tab on the board is also used as a drop down menu and it gives the client the choice of the quality of the materials that are used in the creation of the carpet. You have the choice of wool, cotton (typically) and silk or combinations of the two which depending on your preference can further filter your search for your ideal Persian carpet.

Step 12: Be efficient

Keep in mind that you do not need all of those parameters in your search necessarily. You can pick and choose what filters you need and use them accordingly in your customised search. Also please choose the red coloured tabs (main category and type) first because they dictate the whole search and may reset the rest.


Here is an example to give you a more specified look on the procedure. In this example we are looking for a Nomadic Persian carpet from the family of Lori. The sizes that we used are in inches and are shown in the picture bellow. The cost of the carpet is specified in euros also and we chose a price range between 300 to 1500 euros. Notice that despite the fact that we used only 6 of the 11 tabs on the board it is still enough to give us a efficient search.



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