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October 1, 2013 by carpetu2

Another great feature that we provide through our website is the ability to literally visualize your ideal carpet selection in your home before you actually purchase it.

The process is very simple but we are going to explain it step by step in order to cover any questions that you may have.


The button is situated on the right side of the carpet (red box). Once you press it a pop-up window will appear that informs you about the process.


In this window you will see several empty boxes with descriptions such as:

1. Write your email box

In this box you can write your email in order for us to send you the picture with your selection in your space.

2. Name

Write your name in the box.

3. Room length

Keep in mind that we will need the actual length that is portrayed in the picture you are going to send us. The reason is that we need to calculate the distances in the picture in order to correctly implement the carpet in scale in your picture.

4. Room width

Again the same applies here. We need the width that is portrayed in your picture.

5. Choose file

Finally this is where you choose the picture that we will place the carpet in. Keep in mind that the ideal angle that we need is in front of your couch and at a 90 degrees angle of the carpet. This will maximize the result and will give you a clearer perspective of the carpet and the space. Also you will need to remove any furniture from the visual line of the carpet.

3d carpets english


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