Persian Carpets in Modern spaces


September 5, 2013 by carpetu2

Persian Carpets in Modern spaces

A traditional Persian carpet is widely considered to be art that transends time and can be placed in any interior that agrees with its colour scemes and patterns. Don’t be afraid to improvise on the colouring and be creative with your carpets as you would be with your art.

You can place a good quality Persian carpet in any area of your house and still be relevant with the style you want to capture. It is advisable to match the carpet in your space with your textiles and cushions in order to avoid alienating your carpet from the space. Try to blend your colour schemes with furniture and even paintings on the wall in order to get the feeling of balance in the space without sacrificing the modern style of your house. There are several examples of such compositions bellow that capture the essence of a modern interior.

Basic Carpet Categories

                   Classic                                       Nomadic

eclectic-home-office  51a8f5c174c5b664e10014dc._w.540_s.fit_

              Kilims and Cushions


Persian Carpets in Workspaces

contemporary-glass-house-1office space 1

Designers when preparing the office spaces of any successful business are looking to achieve a high-grade result that is ultimately reached through a blend of higher quality furniture and value through designing. A quality Persian carpet has the ability to provide that result through its intricate design and finer texture.


Therefore it is considered a great approach that can help you reach your goal as a designer that strives for high quality interiors and can more importantly provide a source of colour and texture through its design that sometimes is lacking in modern spaces.

Persian Carpets in Living Rooms

Colony-Rug-1    51b76719fb04d60a5c00118f._w.540_s.fit_

A modern living room is defined by the style of the furniture and the modern compositions of the patterns and colours. A unique Persian carpet of high quality can achieve the desired effect and provide design value to the space.


Persian Carpets in Bedrooms


Bedrooms tend to need warmer colour schemes that provide tranquility to the space. Therefore Persian carpets are ideal for these spaces. Authentic Persian carpets are painted by natural dyes that are made from plants minerals or even insects. After their washing stage they usually fade a bit giving the carpet a natural hue and harmony in its colours that is necessary for any bedroom.

rug on wallc47c06e4964008eec0b23900b75575bb

Start your search for the ideal Persian carpet that covers your needs and satisfies your creativity. Look through our great collection online and you find the best prizes in the web, amazing discounts in all categories and special offers that you cant miss.

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