Carpet Pairing – Harmony in Colour

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October 16, 2013 by carpetu2

Achieve balance

It is crucial to blend your carpet inside your space and try to support it in order to create a balanced end-result. As we often say in our guides colours, patterns, lines, textures or any other elements can be used to create an area of complete harmony. Therefore cushions drapes or even plants can be used to coordinate the color schemes of the space and tight up the elements of your home.

Carpet Compilations

Carpets and Cushions

There are many ways to achieve that goal. First we can very easily but carefully support our carpet with a beautiful cushion on our couch or even on the floor (depending on its size) that is based on the same colour schemes. If done successfully you can have the ideal blend of colours in your space and create the look you need for your preferred style. Even if your style is a modern one as we covered extensively in previous posts. (

Here are some good compilations of carpets with cushions that we created for your reference:

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carpet compilation 12

carpet compilation 114


Additionally we can use 2 carpets that share similar patterns and colour schemes in order to fill our space without deviating from our goal. It is ideal for you to use the carpets in a large space that has multiple uses. For instance a great space for the implementation of 2 similar carpets could be a kitchen open to a living room or a double living room area.

In order to get an idea of the concept we provided you with some carpet compilations bellow:

carpet complilations 115

carpet compilation 117

carpet compilation 119

Those are some examples of successful compilations for implementation in your space. Feel free to go through our collection and create your own compilations of our high quality carpets and cushions. Keep in mind that the basic rules to achieve that goal are:

  • Locate and identify the colour schemes of your space.
  • And finally make sure that the carpets that you choose follow similar pattern designs.

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