Tafresh Persian Carpets

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December 23, 2013 by CarpetU2

There are carpets that are being woven in the city Tafresh and in the region around it. Tafresh is a small city 260 km south-west of Teheran, in Central Iran.

The carpets that are being woven in this city look very much alike the Hamadan carpets, their quality is however much better. This happens due to the fact that Tafresh is between the cities Qum and Hamadan. 






The Tafresh rugs and carpets have usually a dense and rich pile of first-quality wool, which makes them really soft. They are usually woven in middle size.

The Tafresh carpets are usually red with medallion. They are woven with wool of very good quality and have beautiful, natural colors. Their motifs are mainly geometric.


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