Persian Carpets – Design Value

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August 16, 2013 by carpetu2


Persian carpets are an essential part of Persian culture and design for generations. Their beauty and intricate design is undoubtedly unmatched even today where they are used in many forms of decoration.

There are many groups of Persian carpets that are currently available in the market but the idea remains the same. Quality must be the first and most important aspect of production.

Quality in Production

The quality of the rug can be estimated by a unique system of grading by knot count. Specifically by knots per square inch or KPSI as it is called in the market. A carpet with a high number of KPSI will typically possess greater intricacy and clarity of design that ultimately translates in cleaner and more vibrant colors. A carpet of greater quality can easily exceed 290 KPSI, which is rather impressive considering that an average weaver can produce up to 6000 knots per day.

Therefore a carpet of higher quality and larger scale may require many months of production, which as a result will greatly increase its value. That is also one of the main reasons that despite their higher price tags Persian carpets are widely considered as excellent investments.


Designing for Excellence

One of the fundamental rules of designing is basically to keep an open mind in a field that is always changing. Trends come and go rapidly and people (especially professionals) need to be informed through any means available.

Unity and harmony in a space can be achieved through balance in color or shapes and should not always be confined by symmetry or common habits. Asymmetry encourages movement and usually gives life in a space. Risk taking is usually a good way to avoid boring interiors if done carefully.

Balance can also be achieved by accurate transitions in a space, which is considered the most difficult part in a designing process. Transition areas need to be made in a way that allows the eye to glide from one place to the next without rough areas that can distract people and confuse their perception of the space. A carpet of great quality and clarity can be an excellent transition tool when used in the right color schemes.

Despite the fact that design and interior design in particular is constantly adapting through the years (as mentioned above) there are always standards that are untouched by the passing of time.

A traditional Persian rug should be considered one of those standards. Even when it is 100 years old a Persian carpet can still be and feel current. A classic design of great quality and detail can never be out of style therefore can only increase in value. A Persian carpet like any beautiful piece of art has the unique ability to transcend time and provide design value in any space no matter what style it represents.


Persian carpets in Modern interiors.

There is a common misconception that Persian carpets can only be used in traditional homes that are commonly heavier and bulkier that a modern house. This could not be further from the truth.

Persian carpets have a much wider range and are considered by the top designers of the world as an excellent feature in various styles of decoration. An accurate implementation of a traditional carpet in a modern house can add color and texture in the space and ultimately provide life and movement to the area greatly increasing its design value.

Choosing the right one.

Coloring and texture are the keys for a successful choice in Persian carpets. Identify the key colors of your home and keep some of the fabrics (from couches to drapes) that you intend to use with you when shopping for a Persian rug. Repetition is another basic fundamental of designing that you need to keep in mind in order to achieve balance in a space. Colors, patterns, lines, textures or any other elements can be used to create an area of complete harmony. Therefore cushions drapes or even plants can be used to coordinate the color schemes of the space and tight up the elements of your home.

Patience is important when buying a rug. Every carpet has its own history and it’s unique in every way as it is completely hand made from the first knot to the last. Keep in mind that it is like buying a piece of art. And like any beautiful piece of art it has the ability to be with your family for generations.

There are many places to begin your search for the perfect carpet. The best way is to browse through well informed sites with an abundance of selections in various beautiful colors such as this.



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