1. Bakhtiari Persian Carpets

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    August 13, 2015 by carpetu2


    In the mountains Zagros, west of the city of Isfahan, around the town of Shahr-e-Kurd, live the nomads Bakhtiar. Their …
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  2. Kashmar Persian Carpets

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    July 31, 2015 by carpetu2


    The city of Kashmar is located in the Khorasan province southwest of the city Mashad in Eastern Iran. It has …
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  3. Isfahan Persian Carpets

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    July 22, 2015 by carpetu2


    In the centre of Iran among the Zagros Mountains and the desert, lies the city of Isfahan. Nowadays it is …
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  4. Gabbeh Oriental Carpets

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    July 9, 2015 by carpetu2


    Gabbeh in Farsi means natural, primitive. Carpets and textiles with this name are woven by the nomads Qashqai who roam …
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  5. Yomut Persian Carpets

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    June 16, 2015 by carpetu2


    The Yomut carpets are being woven by the turkmenic nomadic tribe Yomut, which live in the regions between Northern Persia, …
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  6. Qashqai Persian Kilims

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    June 11, 2015 by carpetu2


    Qashqai carpets are woven by nomads who live in the mountainous areas of Southwest Persia, the provinces of Fars, Khuzestan, …
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  7. Sultanabad Persian Carpets

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    May 7, 2015 by carpetu2


    In the province of Farahan is found the city of Arak, formerly known as Sultanabad, with 500,000 citizens it is …
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